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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Shamelessly plugging a contest yet again...

Well, I'm gonna do it again. I'm not all that familiar with the Puritans, but I think I'd like to be. This contest may just give me the chance to get a little familiar with 'em, and it might just pay off for you too. Why don'tcha go on ahead and give it a try by checking out this link HERE


The visual feeling said...

This paragraph hit me like a brick wall and your right no fulfillment only left feeling empty, alone and hopeless.
Jesus instead of being focused on myself and all the empty things in this world. Do you notice how the things that most people chase after (sex, drugs, partying, etc) don’t really bring any fulfillment?

Thank you for the comment it truly helped.

Shelly said...

awesome! thanks for sharing!

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