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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Such an insightful 12 -year old

I saw this video the other day on the Alpha and Omega Ministries blog, and I was extremely impressed! I think that if a twelve year old girl can make such a well thought out argument against abortion then I really have to wonder how an honest liberal abortion supporter could continue to hold to such an obviously evil position.

Ask yourself as you watch the beginning of this video whether you think that most liberals would get bent outta shape and give a hearty AMEN! to this girl's video if she were talking about an Islamic family in Afghanistan who had no idea that a missile was heading their way. I'm not saying that bombing families in other countries is any better, but I simply say that to point out an inconsistency. I doubt very much that they would be consistent. I actually think that if a liberal stumbled across this video unknowingly that they might get all worked up thinking that it was a slam against George Bush and then feel pretty stupid when she revealed what she was actually talking about.

Sorry for rambling. Here's the video:

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