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Thursday, February 19, 2009

God Glorifying Music

I have struggled with the issue of which music is acceptable to be using--mostly in private, but also in a church setting. Not that I have struggled much myself, but I've had more problems struggling with others who seem to think that only certain types of music are acceptable while other (well done) music is not. I'm not talking about poorly constructed, thrown together, wild, abstract music, though I'm not willing to just brush certain things aside without giving a fair listen. This is why I'd like to share the perspective of a man who could be considered anything but a liberal or sloppy man of God.

This video is of Paul Washer, and he has some nice things to say about those who have have been titled "reformed rappers". I don't expect everyone to watch the whole thing, but you can get the gist of his opinion of the type of music I've been defending in the first few minutes. Like I said, Paul Washer is not one who doesn't consider the actions of believers to be important. He has preached whole sermons rebuking those who call themselves Christians who live like all the unbelieving people in America, so keep that in mind while watching this:

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