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Friday, October 10, 2008

A Pre-Review

Not Peer-Review, Pre-review. It could in no way be a peer review since I am in no way man enough to be considered a peer of the one to be reviewed. On the other hand, I want to give a review of a book that I haven't finished reading yet. As a matter of fact, I'm not completely finished with the introduction. The reason that I felt the need to give a review now is because of the quality of the book thus far and the importance of the material being presented in the book. I'm actually reading the first volume of three in the set, and after reading the first few pages I'm quite anxious to get to the rest of the material. If it weren't for this stupid schoolwork!.

The Set is called Holy Scripture: The Ground and Pillar of Our Faith, and I've been desiring this set for quite some time now. Just recently, the Lord used someone who I had not previously been acquainted with to supply me with this treasure. This person shall remain nameless due to the fact that I want to keep him safe from someone else attempting to mooch. Even still, thank you very much, sir, for your generosity. I pray that the Lord will produce fruit in and through me as a result of the knowledge that I gain from your (and your co-author's) contribution AND that he will continue to use you to bless others as you have been a blessing to me.

Now, let me bless you readers with a tidbit from the first volume…

From the start, the author (David King) shares a quote from a man who was a Protestant who converted to Roman Catholicism and back to Protestantism that was edifying. This quote had some insightful observations that I'm surprised others who are close to Roman Catholic (RC) teaching haven't been able to admit. It just goes to show you that the light must come from God. This man basically said that the RC Church had such a history of contradiction that anyone would have to be crazy to trust them as an authority for truth. He contrasted the absurdity of Rome with the unshakable reliability of the Scriptures. Can I get a Amen?!

Well, I only want to share one last thing to entice you to add this one to your library. The introduction recounts a tale of when John Calvin was attending a debate that his friends were having with some RC officials. His friend urged him to get involved, but Calvin declined because he knew that his friends had the other guys handled. Calvin apparently changed his mind when one of the RCs accused the reformers of mishandling the Church Fathers, and he quickly stood up and put them in their place by rightfully turning the accusation back at the rightful offenders. The most edifying quote from one of the accusing RC friars follows:

"It seems to me that the sin against the Spirit which the Scriptures speak of is the stubbornness which rebels against manifest truth. In accordance with that which I have heard, I confess to be guilty, because of ignorance I have lived in error and I have spread the wrong teaching. I ask God's pardon for everything I have said and done against His honor; and ask the pardon of all you people for the offenses which I gave with my preaching up until now. I defrock myself henceforth to follow Christ and His pure doctrine alone…"

I wrote in the margin next to this quote "!!!God is A-mazing!" I think that this one is a no-brainer for the personal library, and the best price I've found is for the whole set on James White's website. Here's the link: Click me! Go buy it now and thank me later.


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