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Friday, October 10, 2008

Lookin for Great Resources?

Ya know, I'm not sure why I haven't mentioned it before, but while I was perusing through The Forgotten Trinity by James White I noticed that he had written about the fact that Jesus was shown to be Jehovah Almighty in John 12 long before I had come across this and pointed it out to the JDubs or written it on my blog. This caused me to wonder why I haven't recommended James White's resources already.

I have benefited from James White's ministry since before I got saved, and I think that I should at least recommend all his stuff to you all. I do mean all his stuff, by the way. Whether you will be in contact with Mormons or JDubs or Roman Catholics or Muslims you can learn much more about them and how to answer their false claims by checking out Dr. White's blog, mp3s, books, or whatever else he has to offer. Believe me, I'm not the only one that thinks so. I bought 3 books from his website, and I loaned The King James Only Controversy to someone and never got it back, and I have been asked to lend The Potter's Freedom out to someone, but I let my dad borrow that one first.

Anyways, I know that many of you that take the time to look at my blog are planning to go into some type of full time vocational ministry, so you're gonna need to not only be able to teach sound doctrine but also rebuke those who contradict it (Tit. 1:9). You can be sharpened in each of these areas by Dr. White's resources, and since we all would agree that we want to have the best resources for our itty bitty bankrolls we should add his stuff to our libraries.

And, by the way, Dr. White has some important debates planned for the next year that involves traveling around the US and overseas, and he is in need of support from those who do benefit from his ministry. I say this because I know the desire to get the best deals for your books by going to Amazon or some place else online, but consider supporting Alpha and Omega Ministries (Dr. White's ministry) in their continued efforts to equip the body by buying the books and mp3s (which I have the most of) directly from his website. It really doesn't help the cause of Christ or a relatively small ministry for us to buy these things from a large un-Christian company like Amazon, so consider going through As a matter of fact, get on over there right now by clicking HERE!

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