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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

A Contribution by D.A. Carson Highlighted on Andy Naselli's Blog

I cannot endorse everyone who contributed to this volume, but I recommend reading the outline of D.A. Carson's contribution at the following link:

I think he's on to something. I've done some meditating on God's wrath and righteousness and my relationship to that aspect of Who He is, and it is humbling and glorious.

I especially agree with one of Dr. Carson's headings:

“Rightly integrated into Christian theology, the wrath of God enhances our grasp of God’s love.”

This is such a worthwhile topic for meditation. Consider what you as a degenerate sinner were headed for before God touched your life and brought you up out the pit. You who hated him in all of your self gratifying actions previous to Him graciously bringing you to spiritual life and allowing you to serve Him. Consider how His love was demonstrated by His wrath being transferred to Christ on your behalf. The wrath that you deserved every bit of was poured out on Christ. May this come to mind as you neglect to consider Him in all of your thoughts and actions. Consider this demonstration of His love toward you each day, and give Him praise for sending Christ to absorb the wrath that should have your name on it.

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SBC said...

Wow, that section looks amazing. I plan to get my hands on that book just to read that section.

I'm especially curious to see what Carson has to say about impassibility...

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