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Saturday, February 6, 2010

An Important Read

Well, I'm sitting at home now, waiting to hear from my supervisor to let me know if we'll be doing any work today. While I'm waiting, I decided to read the Chicago Statement on Biblical Inerrancy. I really can't tell you what caused me to decide to look this up and read it (besides the Holy Spirit); but I've heard many people tell me how important it is, and I now agree with them.

The unfortunate thing is that many Christians will never read this or ever consider what they actually believe (positive and negatively) about the Bible and how we got it and why it's important to consider these things. Fortunately for you, the reader of this post, you have the opportunity to read it by following this link:

Isn't it great that you have me looking out for your spiritual well being?

Well, my supervisor just gave me that call, so I gotta get off to work. Enjoy the edifying read!

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Audrius Bieksa said...

dude - the link doesn't work...

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