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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Where my homies at?!

If anyone recalls, I did invite a couple friends of mine to add some flavor to the blog a while back, but, as most can see, they are missing in action.

One friend is busy on the mission field, and the other is knee deep (shoulder deep maybe) in schoolwork; BUT I sure would like to get some contributions from them. Maybe we could get an update from the mission field with some testimony to God's awesomeness. Maybe we could get some updates and insight into a budding theologian's schoolwork and projects. Maybe these two fellows are hoarding the blessings and have no intention of sharing these things with us (one or two people who actually erad the blog).

Only time will tell...


SBC said...

I would LOVE to post as I'm able. Alas, school keeps this wannabe theologian at bay. Perhaps over thanksgiving break I'll post some recent work, for everyone's confusion.

Michael.Gabriel said...


Dramatized Exegesis