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Friday, April 10, 2009

A blasphemer being put in his place

This is a good one.

I didn't want to be the only one to benefit from this:



SBC said...

Colbert is a blasphemer himself; but, thankfully, Ehrman was humiliated publicly.

N.T. Wright (whom I cannot normally endorse) actually did a very good job of interacting with Ehrman here:

Michael.Gabriel said...

I focused on Ehrman as the blasphemer because he is the greater of two evils inthis case, I believe. Not to mention that Colbert claimed to be defending God, and made Ehrman look like a big dummy.

Ehrman has written many such books, and succeeded in overthrowing the faith of many and in deeply rooting the feet of many others in their erroneous beliefs about the Bible and Christianity as a whole--including Muslims.

I'll take some time to read over the Wright/Ehrman debate later, but I wasn't posting this as some example of a scholarly response to Ehrman's misleading doctrines; I was just trying to share a laugh with anyone who may be able to enjoy it. Lighten up, dude!

Michael.Gabriel said...

Oh, and by the way, the reason I am acquainted with Ehrman's stuff at all is because James White has been handling his stuff for a while now. White recently did a debate with Ehrman on the reliability of the NT based on manuscript evidence that would bolster the faith of any Christian, in my estimation. Here's a link to that debate:

And Dan Wallace also did an outstanding debate with Ehrman too, which is probably equally as helpful. The link for the print version is right here:

And the link to the mp3(s) is here:

C Watson said...

I'm Ehrman now, but I'll be researching and writing on Ehrman later...

Michael.Gabriel said...

You're Ehrman now? What do you mean? You couldn't possibly mean that you are where Ehrman is now, and that you still have some studying left to do to come down decisively. So, what on earth do you mean?

You must be working pretty hard these days...

C A Watson said...

I meant to say that I'm reading Ehrman now...I've been up too late for the past 2 weeks reading and writing.

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